Chaturbate Review For 2022

Chaturbate Review – The Ultimate Guide

Chaturbate is usually regarded as one of the best webcam modeling platforms around right now. It is definitely one of the most popular. But what are the reasons for this popularity? Is the platform worth it? How does one go about using it? These questions and more are what we take a deeper look at in this in-depth review of the website.

But first all, a quick glance at what Chaturbate is exactly.

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a webcam broadcast website that allows users to chat with and watch models perform live. Launched in 2011, one of the greatest appeals of the website is derived from its variety.

Chaturbate allows amateur performers to tap into the website’s large user base in order to build a platform for themselves and monetize. This allows for thousands of models all over the world to register on the platform and begin their live broadcasts in no time at all. For this reason, viewers on the platform have an incredible number of options to call upon when it comes to finding hot models.

Whatever your sexual orientation, preferences, kinks, name it, everyone is sure to find an interesting show to watch on Chaturbate. Speaking of shows, the platform also has a great deal of variety in this aspect too. From public shows, private shows, and group shows to multiple cam shows, Chaturbate has an effective system that pretty much satisfies everybody. And this is why the platform has been around for so long as it continues to thrive and expand.

Another notable Chaturbate feature is the token system, through which monetary payments on the platform are carried out seamlessly. We take a look at all of these and more below.

Who can Use Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is an adult webcam performance website. Their slogan has the phrase “the act of masturbating while chatting online” in it. It is safe to say that if you are a kid below 18, Chaturbate is NOT for you. Of course the minimum legal age tends to vary in some countries. For most, the legal age is 18, but of course it is imperative that you first make sure that adult webcam performance is legal in your country, and that you are within the legal age.

Now that we know who CAN’T use Chaturbate, the next thing is to find out who CAN actually use it. Well, you’d be glad to know that Chaturbate is actually quite inclusive and diverse in its user base.

First of all, the platform is available for those above the legal age, and even older population who may be 50 years and over. It is also open to everyone who falls in the right age, in a lot of countries all over the world, regardless of sex and sexual orientation.

Users on Chaturbate are generally classified into two – the performers/models and the users. The models are those who create the content, which the users are there to enjoy.

The Models

Many models are exhibitionists who love to show off their bodies to appreciative audiences. And if there’s something Chaturbate has a lot of, it’s appreciative audiences. So, in essence, Chaturbate serves as a link between both of these groups of users in an arrangement that is totally win – win for everyone involved. Models on Chaturbate earn money through the token system. We provide a lot more details about this below, but it is worth noting that there is absolutely no maximum limit to how much tokens a model can earn on the platform.

While Chaturbate is mostly made up of amateur models making impressive incomes right from the comfort of their homes, there are also a handful of professional pornstars on the platform. Many would argue that the combination is one of the major pros of the platform, as they’re all able to satisfy whatever viewers happen to be in the mood for on a day-to-day basis.

The Fans

Apart from the models, the fans make up the core of the Chaturbate platform. Obviously without the fans, there wouldn’t even be any platform or models in the first place. It is quite easy to register on Chaturbate as a user. It is also quite easy to navigate the site and understand just how perfect it is for you. A quick glance around and you should find some models that are just perfect.

It is also possible to search with categorical tags that show you exactly what you’re looking for. It is also worth mentioning that as a new user there is no need to jump into buying tokens immediately. There are quite a number of free shows that you can participate in to understand whether or not you like the site and would be willing to pay for some of the model’s content.


Tokens are the fuel that drive the whole Chaturbate ecosystem. Users buy tokens which can be saved for as long as they want. It is with these tokens that they pay for shows, make personal requests from their favorite models, and much more. It is easy to see why tokens are necessary in the first place on a platform like Chaturbate. First of all, it is far more convenient to buy and store tokens for future use than having to make use of a credit/debit card every time.

For the models, the aim is to provide incentives for users to spend their tokens. As we’ll see below, there are different types of shows on Chaturbate, and not all of them require tokens for viewing.

So for example, in an open group show where everyone has a chance to join the rooms, it is up to the models to incentivize users to let go of their tokens by either directly requesting for tips or setting actions that would require tips.

A model can say, for instance, that it is only after 50 tokens are tipped that she would begin to strip. A further 50 tokens and should begin to touch herself, and a further 50 tokens she’ll use toys. This is just an example, of course, and there are myriad inventive ways a model can make users spend their tokens. Once tokens are spent, Chaturbate takes their percentage while the rest is sent to the model’s account just like a normal monetary transaction.

These tokens can then be converted to real money once the model makes the request to have it cashed out.

Below is the current price of tokens on Chaturbate:

Price of Token on Chaturbate
100 tokens cost $10.99
200 tokens cost $20.99
500 tokens cost $44.99
750 tokens cost $62.99
1000 tokens cost $79.99

How to Use Chaturbate as a User

Setting up your Chaturbate account as a regular user/fan is quite straightforward and direct. The platform has made the process quite easy.

Of course, again, you must be of legal age before you can register. If you check this box, then all you’d need is to provide the necessary details and information, confirm your email address and you’re ready to go. Once you have an account you may begin to look for your favorite models. There is a high chance that you may have snooped around the site before creating an account and already know what content you want to view.

For those who are still looking, you can perform a quick search using tags of usernames. As we’ll see in the pros and cons section, Chaturbate’s search function still needs a little bit of work, but for a new user it should be enough to get you started.

It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the kind of shows and rooms before you buy tokens. To improve your overall satisfaction and experience on the app, you should go through our guide on how to maximize your tokens on Chaturbate.

How to Use Chaturbate as a Model/Broadcaster

Registering an account as a broadcaster is a little more advanced than registering as a user. This is because you would have to provide the necessary identity documentations to prove that you are indeed who you say you are before you can start broadcasting.

It is possible for models to either have an individual account or join a studio using that studio’s special sign-up link. Being an independent model means all your earnings are yours, but you will have to do all the marketing and audience building on your own.

Joining a studio means you will have a ready audience to watch your content when you go live but, of course, you will only be getting a percentage.

Once you have your account registered and approved, you can begin to make your plans to conquer the world of Chaturbate. Being a successful model on Chaturbate requires having a great profile, having great content, and making sure you get your page to the right people through social media.

Chaturbate Profiles

Another beautiful aspect of using Chaturbate as a model is that you get to design your profile to stand out and be unique. Many models go for the default profile with just plain text entries, but if you want something unique it is advisable to go with a custom-made design.

Apart from using the design to stand out, you can also use it to pass across valuable information to your audience and fans, such as how much you charge for certain actions, your tip menu, details about you.

You can also add a list of your hall of fame audience as you build them.

Chaturbate profiles can also be used to upsell services, memorabilia, and files such as your images and other digital content.


Chaturbate employs tags as the major search filter. With tags users are able to find models that fall into a certainty category described by the appropriate tags.

For models, it is imperative that they use appropriate tags at all times. Using the right tags ensures that even users who have not come across them before can find them and become fans.

An appropriate tag should also not be misleading as this can lead to more negative effects than positive ones.

Types of Shows on Chaturbate

At the very heart of the whole Chaturbate system are its various kinds of shows. These shows offer different ways of viewing and monetizing.

Public shows are very popular on Chaturbate. In public shows, the audience joins and tips according to the model’s tip menu. The objective here is to reach certain goals until the end. Tipping games, tip menus, and sex toys are ways by which models increase their earnings on these shows

Private Shows are one on one shows that are charged by the minute. The profit potential here for models is incredibly high. The more popular a model becomes on the platform the more requests for private chats they get. Users looking for fetish experience from models usually request more for private shows, and this is why it is advisable that models specify what type of shows they do on their customized profile pages.

Spy shows allow other users to “spy” on your private shows. They are known as voyeurs. Private shows are charged by the minute with users usually paying 6, 12, 18, 30 tokens or higher per minute. Spy shows are charged in a similar fashion, but may cost less than the original amount charged for the initial private show.

In regular private shows, users do not need to turn on their own webcams as the model only performs for them and does not necessarily need to see who’s on the other end. In Cam2Cam shows, though, both the model and the user on the other end are able to see each other.

Ticket shows are just like regular group shows but with a key difference. You see, in regular group shows users do not have to pay a fixed price for admission. Tokens are paid only when the show starts and price can end up varying from user to user. With ticket shows, however, users have to purchase the ticket up front at a fixed price. This covers everything that’s going to be done during the show till its end.

Chaturbate Pros & Cons


    ✔ Large Audience

  • To say that Chaturbate is a very well-established community of webcam performers and viewers would be something of an understatement. On Chaturbate there is no lack of viewers online. This is great not only for the models, but even for regular shows. In public shows for example, tipping is shared, and models can achieve their targets easily due to many viewers chipping in, making it a win-win for all parties involved.
  • ✔ Show Types

  • Another important benefit of using Chaturbate is the various options available in terms of what kind of shows to run. Obviously, everyone knows about the group public shows but of course some models may not like that. Some may be more convenient performing for a small number of people or even for just one person only. Chaturbate has enough variety not just in the number of people allowed into a show but even in the way fees are charged. All of these make it a favorite for many models.
  • ✔ Revenue Sharing

  • Since the rate of tokens value by volume bought, it is hard to say exactly how many percent of total token value a model will earn, but on an average models tend to earn almost 50% of token value spent by users on their shows. Compared to some other platforms, this is a very reasonable rate beneficial to all parties involved.
  • ✔ Navigation

  • One of the Achilles heels of most similar platforms is the bloated nature of their websites that makes it quite difficult to navigate. Navigating the Chaturbate website, on the other hand, is actually quite easy. The menu options are clear and obvious enough while going from room to room is also as seamless as possible. For what it’s worth, the site is also aesthetically appealing while being functional at the same time.
  • ✔ Payment Option

  • Chaturbate has a lot of options when it comes to the way models choose to get paid. While this may not sound like a deal-breaker to some, it is actually quite important to many models, especially those who do not live in the United States. For instance there is a mail check option, direct bank transfer option, and even bitcoin option to getting paid on Chaturbate. Those who live far away and can’t afford to get paid in other ways may choose any of the options most convenient for them.


    ❌ Spam

  • Being a popular platform has a lot of advantages, but just a few tiny little disadvantages too. One of these is the presence of non paying users who have a tendency to spam models. This can be solved partly by setting up paywalls for direct messages and forming great relationships with your serious fans.
  • ❌ Search Function

  • Another slight shortcoming on Chaturbate’s part can be found in their search button. Searching for models in Chaturbate allows you to filter your results by a number of factors such as age, region, and so on, but that is it. Advanced search plus hashtags is almost impossible. You only have a simple search alone or hashtag alone. This is why users are left with numerous results to sift through.

How Safe is Chaturbate?

With any adult website where models perform for audiences, it is usually normal to worry about safety issues. Chaturbate, like most platforms, does its best to improve safety for its users. 

People who register on the website are required to confirm that they are indeed of the right age, while models also provide documents to the same end.

Chaturbate also ensures data security for its users, meaning none of their details are available to the public without their consent or a subpoena from law enforcement agencies.

Chaturbate also offers a high security when it comes to payments made on the platform through solid encryptions.

Can I Get Banned From Chaturbate?

Yes, it is indeed possible to get banned from Chaturbate. Users get banned from the platform for a number of reasons. For regular users who are viewers only, a ban action may occur as a result of spamming, being rude and abusive to models during shows, and operating multiple accounts even after being previously banned.

Models can also get their accounts banned if they lie about their age, engaged in fecal play, bestiality, doing drugs on camera, and mentioning competing websites to their fans while live streaming on the platform.

Summary & Conclusion

Chaturbate remains one of the most popular webcam modeling platforms around today. Through the years, even with the arrival of many competing platforms, it continues to retain its user base and attract even more people, due to a number of reasons.

The website is simple enough to register on and navigate, and it also does well enough in terms of revenue sharing. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that those on the platform have gotten used to it and have come to appreciate the simplicity and efficiency it provides.

In our review above we have looked at how the platform works, examining the use of tokens which acts as the means of exchange on the website, along with other pros and cons.

We also took an in-depth look at the different kinds of shows available on Chaturbate. The private shows, we concluded, were one of the most lucrative kinds, while public group shows are great for models just beginning to build an audience as well as for users who can’t afford the volume of tokens required for having private shows.

All in all, Chaturbate remains a great camming platform that not only retains its old charm, but also looks set to remain dominant going into the future, despite the arrival of more and more competition. 

If you’re a model looking to earn extra income from camming, or a user just looking to have fun with as many options available, then Chaturbate is a great platform to consider.

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